Shenja Tatschke

Age 24
Position Student
Base Berlin, Germany
Active on InstagramDribbble

For me there lies so much magic in the combination of visuals, movement and sound.

Hi there, I am a design student and freelancer from Berlin.
Though I originally started in the graphic design field, I now put my focus on animation, illustration and motion design. Generally I want my work to be playful, clever, full of live, bold, funny and sweet - but often with a twist.
During my time at design school, while being an intern at „Lachs von Achtern“ agency and in my current university HTW I had the chance to work in many different projects and fields. Furthermore I am a member of „Sehen und Ernten“ - studio for conception and design and I am doing a lot of commissioned work.
My main inspirations are my hometown Berlin with it’s extraordinary places and people, adult swim, Pictoplasma and I am kind of a film nerd.

I am active on instagram so take a look at my profile and follow me maybe. Also I am looking for an internship for later this year and I am always interested in freelance work. I would be happy to hear from you!